How we connect people

We use an innovative online platform to match schools and colleges with relevant volunteers quickly and efficiently. Whether you are a school, college, volunteer or employer, it’s free quick and easy to use our services.

1.) Register your school, college, company – or if you are an individual volunteer just register yourself.

2.) Give some details about yourself, your organisation and what you want to do. A secondary school may want to run an assembly talk or organise some career speed-networking, or volunteer may wish to look for governor opportunities or go into a primary school to talk about their job.

3.) You can then search for people or organisations to connect with or respond to opportunities advertised.

4.) Schools, colleges and volunteers that match the specified requirements can contact each other to talk about how they can work together to inspire young people.

Our support teams are on-hand and provide helpful resources to support our employers, volunteers and schools to make sure that everything runs smoothly and is as easy as possible for all parties.

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