Inspiring our next generation

Inspiring our next generationOur flagship service connects secondary schools with volunteers from the world of work to help young people make informed decisions about their futures. These encounters can boost young people’s motivation and academic performance, increase earnings in adult life, and lower the likelihood of becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training). Visit Inspiring The Future


Inspiring our next generationInspiring the Future’s counterpart, Primary Futures, focuses on broadening the horizons of primary-age children by demonstrating the link between learning and work. Our in-school activities feed children’s curiosity, challenge gender stereotypes and open their eyes to future possibilities. Visit Primary Futures


Inspiring our next uses the power of personal stories to inspire young people’s career choices and can be used to support student learning before and after Inspiring The Future activities or as a standalone resource. The site features over 1000 career videos that reflect the realities of life, together with labour market information, practical career guides, and the Buzz Quiz which explores links between personality and work.