Education and Employers Taskforce Research conference 2010: programme

15 October 2010

You can download the Conference Programme in pdf format, or consult the list of speakers and presentations below. Where we have the full papers, you can click on the links. You can also download the abstracts for the Conference, in a document that includes a clickable contents page so you can skip to the abstract that interests you. Further down this page you can also find details of the Programme Committee, whose members assessed the submissions.

You can see all videos and papers or find out more about the 2010 conference.

Speakers and presentations


Prof. Hugh Lauder:

How the Global Auction for Jobs is Breaking the Promise of Education

Hans van der Loo:

Mathematics, Science & Technology Education: a European Coordinating Body

Heidi Agbenyo and City&Guilds Centre for Skills Devopment:

Listening to learner voices: a study of vocational aspirations and educational choices among young learners

Dr Stephanie Allais:

National Qualifications Frameworks: solving the education/labour market ‘mismatch’?

Prof. Louise Archer:

Making Jobs ‘Thinkable’: engaging with the complexity of young people’s career aspirations

Michelle Brassell and CILT:

Developing young people’s international communication skills through employer engagement in language learning

Jill Collins and Dr Pat Morton:

Widening horizons in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) work experience

Marthe Geiben, Dr. Philipp Grollmann, Dr. Georg Hanf:

INDUCT – Recruitment, induction process and development of career entrants as an indicator for the quality of educational systems? (work in progress: interim report only)

Sarah Gracey, Raj Patel and LSN Learning:

Employer Engagement in the FE and Skills Sector – A Strategic Review

Dr Annie Haight:

Nurturing engineering talent in the inner city

Prof. Jeremy Higham:

What makes a course vocational? School-based work-related programmes in Canada

Dr Cathy Howieson, Sheila Semple, Prof. Jim McKechnie:

‘They’re already IN the labour market!’ Working pupils: challenges and potential for employers and schools

Prof. Chris James and Christian Percy:

The notion of the employee governor

Prof. Ewart Keep:

Education and Industry – Taking Two Steps Back and Reflecting

Prof. Prue Huddleston, Dr Andrea Laczik:

Dr Andrew McCoshan:

Partnerships for enterprise education in Europe: states of play and potentials to develop

Dr Linda Miller:

Employers! Put your best where it will do the most

Faith Muir & Caroline White:

Making it happen: employers working with disaffected learners in key stage 4

Christian Percy:

How does term-time paid employment in Key Stage 4 relate to participation outcomes in Key Stage 5? Evidence from the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England

Prof William Richardson & Dr Sue Sing:

The impact of practical and applied learning on 13-15 year olds of high ability in England and Wales

Andrew Wilson:

The benefits of employer engagement with education

Dr Margaret Wood & Arijit Chatterjee:

Understanding the Learning-Working Nexus in Higher Education

The Conference Programme Committee

Submissions were assessed by the Conference Programme Committee, which comprises the following people:

  • Prof. Prue Huddlestone, Centre of Education and Industry, University of Warwick (Chair)
  • Prof. Hugh Lauder, University of Bath, editor of the Journal of Education and Work
  • Prof. Chris James, University of Bath
  • Prof. Irena Grugulis, Professor of Employment Studies, AIM/ESRC Services Fellow, Bradford University School of Management
  • Alison Morris, UK Commission for Employment and Skills
  • Andrew Wilson, Corporate Citizenship
  • Dr Desiree Lopez, Institute of Education / EdComs
  • Dr Anthony Mann, Director of Policy and Research, Education and Employers Taskforce
  • Michelle Brassell, CILT
  • Dr Rachel Crossley, STEMNET
  • David Harbourne, Director of Policy and Research, Edge Foundation / Institute for Education Business Excellence
  • Derek Kozel, Young Chamber
  • Graham Rowlands, McDonalds


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