Education and Employers Taskforce Research Conference 2011: Videos and Papers

12 October 2011

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Video views on the conference and summaries of longer papers.

Professor Robert Schwartz (Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard University)

Professor Robert Schwartz discusses context of the Pathways to Prosperity report and the challenge of preparing young people for the world of work in the 21st century.

Dr Jan-Eric Sundgren (Senior Vice-President of Public and Environmental Affairs, Volvo Group)

Dr Jan-Eric Sundgren discusses the importance of increasing the amount of interaction between the educational and the corporate worlds.

Summary of Dr Sundgren’s keynote speech

Dr Sundgren’s keynote speech

James Dawkins (Education and Employers Taskforce): Looking Back, Moving On: The Views of Young Britons (aged 19-24) on Their Teenage Experiences of School-Mediated Employer Engagement and Correlations with Labour Market Outcomes

James Dawkins discusses the views of young Britons (aged 19-24) on their experiences of school-mediated employer engagement activities and subsequent labour market outcomes.

Craig Holmes (Oxford University): Room at the Top – and the Bottom, Too: The Winners and Losers in the “Hourglass” Economy

Craig Holmes discusses the labour market experiences of two cohorts and the effect of changes in occupational structure on their initial entry into the labour market, mobility and career progression.

Dr Tricia Le Gallais (Birmingham City University): What a Person Can Be They Must Be – An Exploration of the Efforts of One School in the West Midlands, England to Raise Aspirations and Widen Horizons for their Students Through Their Work Experience Programme

Summary of Dr Tricia Le Gallais’s reserach into young people’s career aspirations and horizons.

Dr Tricia Le Gallais talks about one school in the West Midlands, England and its’ effort to raise the aspirations and widen the horizons of its students through its work experience programme.

Professor Yaojun Li (Manchester University): Origin, Education and Destination: An Analysis of Social Mobility in Britain (1991-2005)

Professor Yaojun Li discusses the social mobility in Britain in terms of the association between origin, education and destination (OED).

Julian Stanley(Warwick University): What Difference Does it Make? – Building a Theoretical Understanding of What Employer Interventions Do

Julian Stanley discusses how employer engagement impacts upon social mobility and the under-theorisation of both research and policy relating to employer engagement.

Dr James Stone III (University of Louisville, USA): College and Career Ready – A Conceptual Framework for the American Labour Market: Engagement, Achievement and Transition

Summary of Dr Stone’s reserach on the importance of college and career readiness for young people in the American labour market.

Dr Stone discusses the topic of ‘college and career readiness’ within the context of a conceptual framework for the US labour market.

Dr Sulieman Sulieman (UNESCO, Lebanon)

Dr Sulieman Sulieman gives a 80-second summary of his reserach on entrepreneurship education and youth employability in the Arab region.


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