Hunt says children – especially girls – should learn about world of work from age 7

Girls should start careers lessons from the age of seven to encourage them to become more ambitious, Labour’s shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt has said.

He told a conference that Labour would encourage more employers to go into schools to talk about careers. “I want them to go into primary schools to talk to pupils – particularly girls in primary schools – so that they broaden their horizons,” he said.

Mr Hunt, speaking at the London Festival of Education at the Institute of Education, said: “Girls can be taught they can be architects or they can be engineers or they can be doctors, beginning at primary school. He added: “I think they could start learning about careers in Year 3 or 4 (ages seven, eight and nine). Giving them careers education at that age can do a lot to broaden their horizons.”

Mr Hunt added that he would also reverse the decision by the Government to remove the requirement on young people to do work experience while they were at school. It was essential, he argued, to prepare young people for the world of work.

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