Inspiring South Korea

The Education and Employers charity has supported the work of Sue Yang from the Seoul Education Office in South Korea. Sue undertook a tour to gain an insight into work experience and employer engagement in the UK as well as other European countries. During her visit to the UK Sue visited several employers to see how they engage with schools, as well as attending event at the Tate Modern Turbine Hall organised as part of the Education and Employer’s ‘Inspiring Women’ campaign.

The results of these visits can be seen in her publication on page 95. The English translation says….

‘This Program (Inspiring Women) is run by Education & Employer.  This charity works successfully  with partnership with employers , school, and various UK leaders. UK leaders from various area such as economy, politics, arts, government are supporting the career education for secondary school students via good program planned by Education & Employer. It is very impressive that Education & Employer works not only program running but also active communication with each partners thru social media for public good in UK ‘

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