Inspiring Women in Business & Enterprise at London Stock Exchange

Today 100 state school girls had the opportunity to participate in a ‘career speed networking’ event with high profile women in business and enterprise at London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) and had the rare opportunity to participate in the iconic market opening.

The UK boasts some fantastic female business leaders and entrepreneurs and the gap between the number of men and women is closing. However, the achievements of women in business is not always sufficiently acknowledged and celebrated. Research also shows that young women at school have little idea about the career options open to them and what the huge array of job titles and roles really entail and how to get these jobs.

The event hosted by Xavier Rolet, CEO, London Stock Exchange Group and Air Vice-Marshal Elaine West CBE, Trustee and Ambassador of the Inspiring Women Campaign brought together state school girls and high profile women working in UK Business and Enterprise to participate in a unique career speed networking event.

Xavier Rolet, CEO, London Stock Exchange Group said: “London Stock Exchange Group is delighted to host today’s event and is committed to encouraging diversity. The Inspiring Women campaign plays a critical role in educating, inspiring and motivating the next generation of girls on the range of careers available to them. Through initiatives such as LSEG’s ‘Women Inspired Network,’ we too aim to nurture female talent within all levels of our organisation.”

Air Vice-Marshal Elaine West, CBE, a Trustee and Ambassador of the Inspiring Women Campaign, said: “As a Trustee of the Inspiring Women Campaign, it’s terrific to be part of this fantastic career speed networking event which enables girls to talk with so many positive real life role models. The opportunities open to young women within the financial sector are truly endless and it aims to demonstrate beyond doubt that there is something for almost everyone. I hope that it is both inspiring and empowering in equal measure, and I hope that everyone that participates will learn a great deal and realise they too can be successful!”

“We are extremely proud of our association with the Inspiring Women campaign which provides such valuable counsel to young women across the country,” said Andrea Sullivan, international Environment, Social and Governance executive at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. “Today’s event also provides us with a great opportunity to encourage these women to consider a career in one of the many roles within financial services, to address questions on work/life balance, and ultimately improve the diversity of our industry.”

Also attending the event Angela Eagle MP, Shadow First Secretary of State and Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills said: “I have long campaigned for more women in industry, more women entrepreneurs and more women going into science, technology and engineering. The work of Inspiring Women is fundamental to making this happen. Young girls, from all backgrounds, need to understand the wealth of opportunities available to them, crucial for their individual success but also to the success of our future economy.”

The ‘career speed networkers’ talking with the girls were:

  • Lucinda Acland, Community Manager, Obelisk Support
  • Shannon Alford, Apprentice, UBS
  • Jennifer Becker, Head of International HR, Bank of American Merrill Lynch
  • Sandra Bonomy, Head of Business Partnering, Virgin Money
  • Charlotte Briscall, Head of Digital Experience, Sainsbury’s
  • Ivonne Cantú, Corporate Finance, Cenkos
  • Lynne Chambers, Head of Talent, London Stock Exchange Group
  • Lisa Condron, Group Company Secretary, London Stock Exchange Group
  • Diane Cote, Group Chief Risk Officer, London Stock Exchange Group
  • Paola Cuneo, Campaign Director Sirius Programme, UKTI
  • Claire Davies, Wealth Analyst, Coutts
  • Parveen Dhanda, Programme Director, Future Fifty, Tech City
  • Martina Di Bert M&A and Business Development, JAB
  • Charmaine Eggberry, Non-Executive Director, Blue Prism
  • Catherine Johnson, Group General Counsel, London Stock Exchange Group
  • Susan Kilsby, Chair of the Board of Directors, Shire
  • Priya Lakhani CBE, Founder and CEO, Century Tech
  • Val McDonald, Managing Partner, Optimity
  • Lucy McNulty, Editor, Special Reports, Financial News and Dow Jones
  • Kate Hamilton-Bailey, Director, Taylor Bennet
  • Suganthi Nagarajah, Managing Director, Equities, UBS
  • Helen Ouseley, Vice President, Goldman Sachs
  • Lauren Pau, Managing Director and Managing Counsel, BNY Mellon
  • Anthea Simmons, Chief Operating Officer, Board Apprentice
  • Barbara Spurrier, Director, CF Pro

Financial News’ sixth Women in Finance Survey found that when asked ‘What impact your gender had on your chances of a successful career?’ 50% of respondents said ‘a slight hindrance’, 14% said ‘a strong hindrance’ and only 1.4% said that it had been ‘very beneficial’. The consensus is that the best remedy is to get more women into the sector, and importantly rising up the ranks, thereby becoming role models to younger generations.

New research launched today

Research undertaken by the charity Education and Employers and published Journal of Education and Work is being launched at the ‘speed career-networking’ event at the London Stock Exchange.

The research found that young people aged 14-15 from all backgrounds, could be earning an additional £2,000 by their mid-20s simply by more exposure to the world of work through career talks at school, new research has found.

The findings come from analysis of the famous British Cohort Study, which tracks individuals born in 1970 through their lifetime. It revealed that, between ages 14-15, for each career talk experienced, individuals’ wages at age 26 were higher. Other factors that influence earnings, including economic status, academic ability, and demographics were taken into account.

The earnings boost is greatest where pupils had career talks at age 14 and found them ‘very helpful’ at the time. As an example, a pupil who experienced six such very helpful talks could expect an average boost in their salary of £2,000 (in today’s money) at age 26, if in full-time employment.

Read the research report: (PDF)rch report:

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Inspiring Women in Business & Enterprise at the London Stock Exchange