International Conference – speakers announced

International Conference on Employer Engagement in Education and Training – London 2016

July 21/22 2016, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills Conference Centre

Speakers and delegates are travelling from across the globe to attend the conference, providing insight into how employer engagement and training is experienced in varied settings.

We are pleased to welcome representatives from the above countries.

We are delighted to confirm contributions from the following speakers, drawing together some of the key thinkers within this field. Many more speakers will also present at the conference, providing a great breadth and depth of insight into employer engagement and training. Speakers come together from research, policy and practice to create a unique conference programme. To find out more about all of the conference speakers and to register to attend, please visit the conference website.

Speakers include:

  • HMI Adrian Lyons, Ofsted
  • Andreas Schleicher, OECD
  • Ann Hodgson, UCL Institute of Education
  • Anthony Mann, Education and Employers
  • Christian Percy, independent academic
  • David Harbourne, Edge Foundation
  • Deirdre Hughes, University of Warwick
  • Elnaz T. Kashefpakdel, University of Bath
  • Francis Green, UCL Institute of Education
  • Ivan Diego, Valnalon
  • James Calleja, CEDEFOP
  • Sir John Holman, University of York
  • Lord Nash, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Schools, Department for Education
  • Julian Stanley, European Training Foundation
  • Julie Moote, King’s College London
  • Karina Veal, Asian Development Bank
  • Kirsty Watt, Academy Ambassadors
  • Lesley Giles, UK Commission for Employment and Skills
  • Paul Comyn, International Labor Organisation
  • Prue Huddleston, University of Warwick
  • Robert Schwartz, Harvard University
  • Sandra McNally, London School of Economics
  • Sean Coughlan, BBC
  • Simon Field, OECD
  • Steven Jones, University of Manchester

Representatives are attending from the following organisations, covering a huge spread of disciplines and subjects.

Organisations NEW jpeg

Further information on the conference, the full initial conference programme, and how to register please visit the conference website.

For any queries please contact: