Joint Dialogue: Young people’s perception and experiences of skills development

In November 2018, Education and Employers published a report jointly with the National Education Union (NEU) and the Edge Foundation; Joint Dialogue: How are Schools Developing Real Employability Skills.

The report was well-received by teachers and other key stakeholders as it fleshes out some real examples of schools fostering skills demanded by the modern workplaces in classroom and throughout a range of activities.

Following the success of this report, we are now keen to hear the voice of young people themselves; to understand their perceptions and experiences of developing employability skills. We will take a qualitative approach to investigate how young people perceive their skills development, conducting focus group interviews with young people across the country. This is a joint study with The Edge Foundation.

If you work with students between the age of 14-19 and are interested in being involved in this project, please email