Launch of Making the Future campaign to demonstrate careers in crafts

We’re working with the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) to give young people the opportunity to learn about the world of work first hand from volunteers who work in crafts, conservation and restoration.

What is Making the Future?

Making the Future is our craftiest campaign yet. It aims to break down stereotypes about opportunities in crafts by demonstrating the diversity of some extremely skilled individuals that have successful careers in the sector.

We’re demonstrating to young people that they can be successful in the craft industry, by introducing them to a diverse range of individuals who already are.

Images of QEST scholars working on Illuminated manuscript and taxidermy bird.

We’ll be doing this through both virtual and in-person events where volunteers from stonemasons and taxidermists to weavers and blacksmiths will talk with pupils. They’ll discuss their jobs, the qualifications required and their route from school to where they are now, as well as giving students the opportunity to ask questions.


Why is this so important?

Exposure within, and access to, the craft sector is becoming increasingly difficult for young people owing to the decline of creative subjects in education, a lack of visible role models in the creative sector and difficulty accessing contacts in the industry. For this reason, many young people are either not aware of the range of creative jobs that exist, or they don’t believe that they have a chance to progress into them.

Our volunteers speak to their personal entry routes into their roles, how they turned their passions into careers, and highlighting jobs in the sector that students may not have been aware of before.

Images of QEST scholars demonstrating their work.

Making the Future will:

  • Tackle the stereotypes and assumptions that many young people hold about craft and the career opportunities available
  • Inspire young people from diverse backgrounds to consider careers in craft and making
  • Support Britain’s cultural heritage, sustain vital skills, and inspire innovative approaches to traditional and contemporary crafts


Highlights so far

This campaign is well underway with multiple successful events taking place with students and craft volunteers from across the UK.

Our latest event saw over 700 pupils from 30 secondary schools learn about the unique jobs of three crafters. Students had the opportunity to hear firsthand from a bespoke shoemaker, and Ethical Taxidermist) and a (Textile Conservator).  You can read more about the event here.

Teacher feedback has been extremely positive and highlighted the change in how students now think about their futures.

“It was wonderful to see a spark of realisation in students that they could combine their interests and a career.”

“Great session about the industry and how to get there. This has been really informative and can’t wait till the next one.”

“It was great for the students to hear about different kinds of roles and careers paths that could be available to them with the skills and techniques they are learning and gaining at college.”

Images of QEST scholars working on painting furniture and fabric restoration.

Events 2024

We’ll be hosting events with QEST crafters throughout the year, both virtually, reaching larger audiences, and in person, with examples of crafters’ work.

Our activities are open to pupils in secondary schools and colleges across the UK.

Learn more or sign up to volunteer with this campaign here