New careers Strategy published by the Department for Education

On Monday 7th December the Department for Education published its long awaited new Careers Strategy.


Read the Careers Strategy.


It sets out the Government’s plan for raising the quality of careers provision, outlining how they will work closely with careers organisations, careers professionals, schools, colleges, universities and employers.

The strategy pays particular attention to crucial role of employers in supporting individuals to grow and develop, it outlines the Government’s aim for all young people to have inspiring encounters with employers and workplaces to understand the full range of opportunities available to them. The authors refer to our 2017 work Contemporary Transitions on the compelling economic case for increasing the opportunities for young people to meet employers, as well as the 2016 paper Career Education that Works which used longitudinal data to demonstrate the impact that high volumes of high quality careers advice can have on earnings and employment, especially for younger people.

The strategy goes on to advocate children spending more time with employers from an earlier age, referencing primary for the first time. Citing our work on the crucial role of employers in helping raise children’s aspirations and counteract stereotypes about the people who do different jobs as part of our Primary Futures programme.

“Many primary schools are already thinking about how best to introduce young children to ideas about the work they might do in future. Excellent programmes like Primary Futures give primary schools access to a wide range of professionals, who deliver sessions that help raise children’s aspirations and counteract stereotypes about the people who do different jobs.1

All of the studies cited in the careers strategy are available on our website here.

Watch videos of the authors presenting the findings of each report here.


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