‘No stone unturned’ calls for more employer engagement in schools

The Taskforce’s ‘It’s who you meet’ research is cited in the ‘No stone unturned’ Lord Heseltine UK growth report. Heseltine calls for a massive increase in employer engagement in state secondary schools, echoing the mission of the Taskforce. National volunteering programme Inspiring the Future makes it easy and free for employers to engage with state schools and colleges to help them with career, training and further education choices, to register.

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To quote ‘No stone unturned’: There are many reasons for fostering a greater involvement of business with schools. Where it is sustained and systematic, it delivers tangible improvements in outcomes for schools. Evidence shows that young people who have experienced employer engagement activities such as work experience, are five times less likely to end up outside education, training or employment. Crucially, it can help ensure that young people’s decisions about future education and training options are informed by real and early exposure to the business world.
It’s who you meet: why employer contacts at school make a difference to the employment prospects of young adults.

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