Our Future Derby: the impact of role models on primary-aged children

Executive summary 

This report evaluates the impact of the ‘Our Future’ project in its third year where 9,000+ children from 52 primary schools across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire have benefitted from 131 supported career-related learning activities.

The findings show how meeting a diverse range of role models from the world of work has helped to raise children’s aspirations, broaden their horizons, increase their motivation and foster a more positive attitude towards learning.

Key findings 

  • An increase from 62% to 74% of children agreed with the statement ‘I can do any job I want when I grow up’ 
  • An increase from 71% to 83% of those agreeing with the statement ‘There are lots of different jobs for me when I grow up’ 
  • 96% of parents think it is important for their children to understand the link between what they learn at school to the world of work. 
  • 92% of pupils agree ‘Girls and boys can do the same job’ 
  • 100% of teacher respondents to our survey indicated the programme had a positive effect on the children and 95% stated their expectations had been exceeded or met. 

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