Characteristics of young people who are long-term NEET

By the Department for Education

This report includes analysis of the characteristics of young people who were not in education, employment or training (NEET) for a year, 3 years after completing key stage 4. The analysis shows that those without any A*-C GCSEs at the end of key stage 4 are those most over-represented in the year NEET group as they account for two thirds of those NEET for the year. The report also highlights the characteristics that effect the likelihood of being long-term NEET:

  • Ever a looked after child (LAC)
  • Ever in the Children in Need census but not a looked after child (CIN) Attended alternative provision or a pupil referral unit (AP/PRU)
  • Over 10% absence in key stage 3 or 4, excluded in key stage 3 or 4 or have special educational needs at age 15 (SEN/Absent/Excluded)
  • Eligible for free school meals during secondary school (FSM)

The full analysis is available here.