Guidance for Commissioners of Evaluation of Education

This document draws upon the advice and guidance of members of the Taskforce Expert Group on Research who have actively participated in commissioning, and undertaking, evaluations of programmes and activities.  It is a guide that is especially relevant to organisations that fund projects designed to improve the educational experience of young people, aged 5 to 19, through initiatives that engage employers and employees, from private, public or third sector organisations. In doing so, it draws upon the Taskforce’s definition of effective partnership – that the sum of the best collaborations will provide support for schools and colleges:

  • across the breadth of activities defined in the National Framework
  • with measurable positive impact on participants,
  • be of mutual benefit to participants from the worlds of education and employment, and
  • be relevant to circumstances that are distinct to the educational institution.

From the employers’ perspective, the document provides advice on key areas of impact in terms of recruitment, staff engagement, development and organisational reputation.

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