Implementing employability skills frameworks in schools

Dr James Robson and Ashmita Randhawa

SKOPE Research Centre, University of Oxford

This resource provides information on best practice for implementing Employability Skills Frameworks in schools. Employability is a complex and contested concept, with multiple actors (employers, institutions, policymakers, teachers, and parents) interpreting and contributing to all the definitions. Employability Skills Frameworks are a way of attempting to define, categorise, and systematise the skills and attributes that contribute to this complex definition of employability and identify skills that are important in the world of work. In school contexts, Employability Skills Frameworks should provide strategic approaches to supporting young people to develop these relevant skills and ways in which that development can be monitored and assessed.

The research highlighted five key aspects of best practice when implementing employability skills frameworks in schools: strong leadership; clear ownership; meaningful partnership; integrated practice; the need for continuous training.

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