Omnibus survey of pupils and their parents/carers. Research report wave 4. 

Department for Education 

In this new report from the Department for Education (DfE), the authors present the findings from the fourth wave of the omnibus survey of pupils and their parents/carers in England. Data was gathered from school pupils aged 11-17 (years 7-13), attending a state funded secondary school across England, and their parents or carers.1 School pupils were sampled from the National Pupil Database (NPD). When asked whether careers advice received from a range of sources was helpful school pupils and college students both highlighted parents/carers as their main source of advice and as being the most ‘helpful’ (71% and 83%, respectively). In turn, most parents/carers of school pupils and college students relied on their ‘own knowledge and experience’ (78% and 83%, respectively) or ‘the knowledge and experience of family members and friends’ (60% and 59%, respectively) to help or advise their child when considering possible options for their future job or career.

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