Perceptions of Vocational and Technical Qualifications

By Ofqual (published July 2017)

This 2017 Ofqual report investigates the perceptions of employers, training providers and learners towards Functional Skill Qualifications (FSQs), End-Point Assessments (EPAs) and a wide range of other Vocational and Technical Qualifications (VTQs). Three separate surveys with 2070 employers, 532 training providers and 604 learners were conducted. Perceptions of FSQs and other VTQs were largely positive amongst employers, which varied according to the size of the organisation. Large organisations, which held over 249 employees, were more likely to have a good understanding and hold positive perceptions of the qualifications than organisations with less than 49 employees. FSQs were valued higher by training providers with more than 2000 registered learners compared with training providers with fewer than 100 learners. Training providers were more likely to have negative perceptions of EPAs than employers and learners. 40% of learners took FSQs because they thought they would improve their English, Maths or ICT skills. Learners with experience of the workplace prior to the survey were more likely to think positively of other VTQs than learners with no work experience

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