PISA in Focus #93 – Why Don’t More Girls Choose to Pursue a Science Career?

OECD (February 2019)

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In the latest issue of PISA in Focus, the authors explore data from the 2015 wave of PISA to examine gender differences in global science performance and why more girls don’t pursue a science career. Across the 67 PISA participating countries, boys outperform girls in science in 22 countries and girls outperform boys in 19. Boys’ self-efficacy was higher than that of girls in 39 out of 67 participating countries and in 65 out of 67 they scored higher in science than their average performance across Maths, English and Science. In countries with more gender equality such as Sweden and Norway (countries with higher values on the Global Gender Equality Index), the gender gaps in relative science performance in favour of boys is larger, and fewer women graduate with a university level STEM degree than in countries with less gender equality.