Reforming technical education: Employers’ views of T Levels


In this new report from the CIPD, the authors shine a light on employers’ views and attitudes to T Levels, investigating: employers’ current level of awareness; what they would like to see from T Levels and whether they have the capacity to support the work placement element; and their likely response to T Levels in terms of future recruitment. T-Levels are the UK Government’s new technical study programme aimed at helping young people access skilled employment. The scheme seeks to provide participants with the technical knowledge and practical skills needed by industry and is part of a broader reform of the skills system.

The survey highlights a concerning lack of awareness amongst employers of the new qualifications. Moreover, employers surveyed for the report are highly critical of young people’s preparedness for work and identify a lack of work experience as one of the main reasons for this. Yet, despite the challenges this raises, the authors note that it is very encouraging to see that many employers are, in principle, highly supportive of the reforms. On balance, employer responses indicate that they feel they will have a beneficial effect on young people’s employability, and there are early indications of a willingness to recruit young people who have been through this route.

Access the findings here.