The Importance of Experience of the World of Work in Admissions to Russell Group Universities: a Desktop Review of Admissions Criteria for Six Courses

By Anthony Mann with Charlie Spring, David Evans and James Dawkins

This report contains information gathered from desk-based research that was undertaken in spring 2011 which investigated the relevance of work experience with regards to the admissions policies of undergraduate courses at Russell Group universities. It investigates whether this cohort of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) expect their undergraduate applicants to have undertaken work experience, and the extent to which work experience strengthens their application.

A total of six courses – Business/Economics/Management, Dentistry, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine – were selected on the basis that they provide high wage returns typically within the professions. Research involved a review of web-based materials setting out HEI admissions criteria for each subject. Materials were reviewed to assess whether work experience (or more broadly experience of the world of work) was cited as an essential or desirable admissions requirement, or not mentioned.

The importance of experience of the world of work in admissions to Russell Group universities: a desktop review of admissions criteria for six courses