Work-Related Learning and Employer Engagement: Findings from the National Evaluation of 14-19 Diplomas

This seminar focused on the impact of the 14-19 Diploma programme in the UK.

Abstract: The 14-19 Diplomas were introduced in September 2008 as part of government reforms of the education opportunities open to 14-19 year olds. Diplomas are practically-oriented qualifications and embed employer engagement into their curricula. This seminar presented the findings of the national evaluation to analyse the impact of diplomas and review the implementation and delivery processes so far.

The impact of the reforms were twofold: learners greatly appreciated the opportunity to visit organisations outside their learning provider which increased their motivation to study and attend school, whilst employers benefited from building a relationship with young people who “might be their future workforce, and providing a valuable service to the local community which provided good public relations”.