Taskforce ‘Year in View 2012’ & our plans for 2013

We are delighted to start 2013 with great news about generous donations which will enable expansion of two important programmes launched by the Education and Employers Taskforce: Inspiring the Future and Speakers for Schools. Two new grants, one from Bank of America Merrill Lynch and another from the Cabinet Office’s Innovation in Giving Fund, administered by NESTA, will enable the major expansion of Inspiring the Future. The generous grant from Bank of America Merrill Lynch will allow us to continue to provide a free service to state schools and colleges in the UK, over half of which have already registered for career insight talks. Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s commitment to financial wellness is demonstrated through a variety of education and employability skills programmes which, the firm believes, are essential to achieving economic growth and building strong communities.

Responding to massive demand from schools and colleges following its launch in July 2012 – over half of all schools in England have already registered for Inspiring the Future – we will accelerate our work, helping employers to connect with teaching staff to provide young people with a growing range of opportunities to get to grips with the modern labour market and develop the skills and awareness that employers consistently demand.

Speakers for Schools has secured funding from Andrew Law, Chairman and Chief Executive of Caxton Associates to enable the programme to expand its operations. Speakers for Schools was founded by Robert Peston to provide young people at state schools with the same access to inspirational speakers, for free, as those in fee-paying schools. Today following Taskforce launches in England (2011) and Scotland and Wales (2012), there are 800 speakers and 1,500 schools registered. The new Speakers for Schools charity will continue to work closely with the Taskforce as a sister charity and operationally, speakers and schools should see no difference in the organisation or its mission. Ashley Hodges will continue to lead Speakers for Schools, but from a new office.

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