The Voice of the Child

We were keen to hear from primary-aged children about how the last year has been for them, how they feel being back at school, and who has inspired them. So, with the help of seven primary schools across the UK we interviewed virtually a range of children exploring their experiences, thoughts and feelings. This is what they had to say: 

It is clear to see how difficult the last year has been for the children, but equally apparent is their resilience and determination. The children also help us to understand the transformative impact visitors from the world of work can have for them. Whether it’s introducing pupils to new possibilities for their futures, broadening and raising their aspirations, helping them to challenge stereotypes they might hold, or increasing their motivation and attainment in school subjects, these experiences are key to children’s development.  

Our latest report, Starting Early: Building the foundations for success, found that implementing aspirations-raising activities at primary is essential when it comes to social mobility and supporting levelling up. After taking part in an activity 82% of almost 10,000 children said they now understand that core subjects can be useful in many jobs, and 88% agreed that doing well in school could help them in the future. Read more key findings.

Primary Futures is our primary programme run in partnership with the NAHT, linking schools to tens of thousands of volunteers in an incredibly diverse range of jobs – from a museum curator to a physiotherapist, a graphic designer to an aviation engineer. Learn more about the programme and how you can get involved in exciting activities with Primary Futures.

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The video was shown by Paul Whiteman, General Secretary of the NAHT at the Department for Education’s Key Stakeholder meeting on 20th May 2021. 

The film was narrated by Aniyah from Barham Primary School.  

And children who took part were:  

  • Ballysally Primary School, Coleraine: Emma (P7), Jessica (P7) & Alex (P7) 
  • Barham Primary School, Wembley: Rudra (Y2), Aniyah (Y5) & Jansi (Y6) 
  • Beckfoot Heaton Primary School, Bradford: Tanu (Y6), Inaya (Y6) & Amelia (Y6) 
  • Crosshall Junior School, St Neots: Lucas (Y6), Holly (Y6) & Maria (Y6)  
  • Culcheth Community Primary School, Warrington: Poppy (Y5), Miley (Y6) & Rome (Y6)  
  • Landau Forte Academy, Derby: Alisa (Y3), Lillie (Y3), Rayan (Y6) & Ethan (Y6) 
  • Leen Mills Primary School, Nottingham: Raya (Y5), Gwen (Y5) & Charlie (Y5) 

Special thanks to Otterham Community Primary School, Camelford