Volunteering update

At this time we have seen renewed recognition and gratitude for the vital role played by our key workers, and the amazing spirit of volunteers supporting them and our communities, with people coming together to help those most in need.

This is a difficult time for many, but children and young people need inspiration now more than ever. Without the structure, connection and community of school, children and young people are facing challenges the majority have never faced before. As well as the adverse impact on their learning, teachers are concerned that students’ motivation and life chances are being affected by the lockdown.

This is an opportunity to help support school communities to make a difference. Particularly for those children and young people who are already facing disadvantages of many sorts. Teachers have told us that interactions with volunteers from the world of work can help children and young people who are feeling anxious, demotivated, and fearful of the future.

Working closely with teachers, we have developed new virtual interactive sessions between volunteers and young people. These two-way live sessions aim to mirror the learning experience of meeting volunteers from the world of work in schools. Facilitated jointly by teachers and ourselves, they enable children and young people to ask volunteers questions about their job and career in an engaging yet safe setting.

Once schools are back, we will resume face-to-face activities with a big push to get large numbers of volunteers, from apprentices to CEOs, going into primary and secondary schools across the country. Whether online or in-person, volunteers can make help motivate children and young people and excite them about learning. They can also help students see the relevance of school subjects to their future lives, effectively broadening horizons and raising their aspirations.

Volunteers can also help on longer-term and strategic level by becoming a school governor. Schools need governors, particularly individuals with the experience and willingness to support and guide them through the challenging decisions ahead.

We understand you may not have time to give at present. But if you can take just five minutes to sign-up here you can give from just an hour a year, later, when you can and help us support the next generation.

We would love to hear from you – please get in touch with us: enquiries@inspiringthefuture.org / 020 7566 4880