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What motivates our volunteers and what do they get out of it? Our community of nearly 40,000 volunteers from a huge range of jobs across the UK all have a story to tell about why they want to help inspire young people to do the jobs they love.

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Charlie Oginni – Runner, Sky NewsRead some of our amazing volunteer stories

I remember specifically not knowing what I was interested in for a career, I knew I enjoyed communicating with people and entertaining people but I didn’t think there was any career for me.



Read some of our amazing volunteer storiesDr Melanie Windridge – Plasma Scientist

Showing them the opportunities out there, how things that they study relate to their everyday lives, and allowing them to meet people who have fulfilling and fascinating jobs can only increase their curiosity and desire to learn.



Read some of our amazing volunteer storiesMaybell Saliu – Project Manager Trainee, Network Rail

Sadly, I was not an individual who was able to uttered the words – ‘I aspire to be just like….’. I was not exposed to, nor did I ever have anyone to aspire to.




Read some of our amazing volunteer storiesMatthew Carlisle – Senior Assistant Technician, Leeds NHS teaching hospital

If I’d have been given the advice I needed at a young age, I could have saved myself years of wasted time in the office.




Lieta Marziali – Artist/Jeweller, Lieta Marziali Contemporary Jewellery

Jan Rausch – Freelance Interpreter

Dr. Cristina Aguilera Xiol – Project manager, Genomics England


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