You Gov research findings

The EDGE Annual Programme of Stakeholder Research: Business in Schools published in January 2010 found that many teachers did not think there were enough opportunities for children to experience the workplace; 51% had this view, while only 28% though there were enough opportunities. Teachers were likely to think that there was insufficient employer engagement in their school.

Employers did not feel well informed about opportunities to engage with school. Two thirds felt that their organisation was on balance not well informed. Employers remained generally positive about engaging with the education sector. Two thirds were on balance ‘more willing than not’ and only 3% were not at all willing.

Of those employers that currently do not engage, 44% were on balance in favour of doing so in the future, while 10% indicated that they would definitely not be willing to do so.

Young people identified a broad range of factors as important for a good work experience placement, but were particularly concerned with the variety of work available (48%)and the preparation that goes into accommodating them (45%).

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