Improving Social Mobility – why you can’t be what you can’t see

As life begins to open up again and schools return to some sort of normality, the sense of new term, new start is greater than usual this year. So too, the need to re-engage children with learning and the wider world around them is more pressing now than ever.

In this short new video, Social Mobility Commissioner Saeed Atacha MBE explains the importance to children and young people of meeting realistic role models: I can see that, I can manifest that, I’m going to be that person in future.” He reveals how a visit from a local radio station to his school proved the launchpad for his own career and discusses the wider benefits relatable role models bring to young people’s life chances.

In this video see:

  • Why tackling stereotypes around gender and ethnicity as early as possible is crucial
  • The importance of giving all children the chance to meet a diverse range of role models
  • How networks are vital to social mobility
  • How schools can encourage realistic roles models a from wide range of industries and backgrounds
  • How employers can focus outreach in social mobility cold spots for greatest gains
  • Why active choice and awareness should drive post 16 pathways

Inspiring the Future, run by the Education and Employers charity, connects role-models from the world of work with schools for virtual and face-to-face encounters.


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