ITV are inspiring the future

Earlier this year  ITV announced that they were partnering with our Inspiring the Future programme. Over 10,000 young people have already benefited from meeting an ITV volunteer and having the chance to ask them questions about their job and career route. There is such an amazing range of staff who work across the ITV group, from well-known presenters to those working behind the scenes on a range of technical and creative roles from across a diverse range of backgrounds. They are encouraging their 6000+ staff based around 14 regions across the country to give up time and inspire children and young people about their futures.

Using our innovative match-making system, teachers and careers leaders can easily and quickly find people working in ITV in roles such as film production, news, human resources, set design, travel and logistics, costume, special effects, editing, apprenticeships, board directors, studio production, prop making, lighting, makeup, scriptwriting, research and more – the people who help bring us the news, drama, soaps, sports and documentaries. And with the virtual interactive sessions we’ve pioneered, schools can connect with ITV volunteers wherever they are in the UK.

Here are some familiar faces to tell you more about the partnership:

It’s fantastic to see how many ITV staff have already been involved in the lead-up to the launch and taken part in Inspiring the Future and Primary Futures sessions across the country. For example, the Head of HR spoke about her experiences with young people in Cornwall, a camera operator and an engineer discussed how they work with arts and technology as part of a virtual London Careers Festival event, and ITV’s Head of Film shared top tips with children in Blackpool.

Our research Starting Early, which looks at the importance and effectiveness of introducing career-related learning at primary school, was recently featured across 11 ITV regions. The research shows that meeting role models from the world of work really helps broaden children’s horizons, raise aspirations and motivate, which leads to improved attainment. It also helps challenge the ingrained stereotypical views children sometimes have about the jobs people do based on their gender, ethnicity and socio-economic background.

ITV visited schools across the country to ask children about their future aspirations and understand the impact of meeting volunteers from the world of work. Watch the coverage below and read an article by ITV Tyne Tees on gender stereotyping.

We’re always looking for more volunteers to share their unique stories about the world of work with young people – sign up today.

If you’re a school, find out how to get started planning inspiring sessions for your young people at primary or secondary level.