Welcome to the new website

Welcome to the updated Education and Employers Taskforce website!

We’ve redesigned the Research section to make it much easier to browse through Taskforce publications and to explore our extensive collection of research, conferences and seminars on the topic of employer engagement in the educational process. We hope you’ll find it much easier to locate items of interest, read summaries of key publications in the field of employer engagement in education and watch videos from the many seminars and conferences we have hosted.

There are a number of different routes in to the content. You can browse by content type using the menu to the right, filter by key theme or date, search via the box to the right and/or click on topics in the word cloud. If you’d like to view more publications by a particular author then just click on their name on the right hand side and up will pop a list of any other publications by that person within our online research library.

On the remainder of the site you can find more information about the Education and Employers Taskforce, the programmes that we run and relevant news and events.