6th International Conference on Employer Engagement: Resources and recordings

Thank you for joining this year’s International Conference on Employer Engagement, hosted by Education and Employers in partnership with the Edge Foundation.

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Just some of the 99 speakers who took part in this year’s conference

Presentation slides and recordings

– Day one

Welcome and Keynote Speakers: Dr Andrea Laczik, Professor Prue Huddleston, Nick Chambers, Professor Phillip Brown, Marie-Therese McGivern

Breakout 1, session 1. Speakers: Rob Smith, Michaela Brockmann, Vanessa Cui, Susan James Relly, Ashmita Randhawa, James Robson, Jim Hordern

Breakout 1, session 2. Speakers: Haryanti Affandi, Kristen Osborne, Paul Quigley

Breakout 1, session 3. Speakers: Irina Maslo, Roy Priest, Kat Emms, Natasha Kersh, Andrea Laczik

Breakout 1, session 4. Speakers: David Leat, Robert Craig, Catherine Sezen, Lynne Rogers, Alan McKenna

Breakout 1, session 5. Speakers: Nicola Stenberg, Katey Curtis, Sam Wood, Kelsy Wharton

Case Study – Westminster Kingsway College – Preparation for Work: Linking Colleges and Employers. Speakers: Paul Jervis

Breakout 2, session 1. Speakers: Christine Looser, Tina Götschi, David Kaye, Rachel Kitley, Tom Harding, Nigel Harley, Iain Mackinnon

Breakout 2, session 2. Speakers: Deirdre Hughes, Ifza Shakoor, Jansev Jemal, David Gallagher, Hannah Blake, Jill Hanson

Breakout 2, session 3. Speakers: Anna Trocme Latter, Adam Wilson, Fernando Marhuenda

Breakout 2, session 4. Speakers: Susan McGrath, Sarah Taunton, Maia Madhvani, Emily Kay

Breakout 2, session 5. Speakers: Mary Lyons, Louise Loxton

Panel Session 1 – Employer Engagement: Curriculum, Qualifications and Assessment. Speakers: Professor Prue Huddleston, Suzie Branch-Haddow, Patrick Craven, Jennifer Coupland


– Day two

Panel Session 2 – Skills Development: The Role of Employers. Speakers: Dr Andrea Laczik, Professor Ewart Keep, Professor Hubert Ertl, Gert Rohrmann

Breakout 3, session 1. Speakers: Lynne Rogers, Bev Jones, Ruth Gilbert

Breakout 3, session 2. Speakers: Erica Smith, Annette Foley, David Turner, Holly Henderson, Kat Emms

Breakout 3, session 3. Speakers: Xin Zhao, Belgin Okay-Somerville, Stephanie Allais

Breakout 3, session 4. Speakers: Isobel Finlay, Allegra Spender, Alma Sobrevilla, Malcolm Greig, Zoe Mackay

Breakout 3, session 5. Speakers: Emily Tanner, Emma Parry, Sarah Brooks

Case Study – School 21 – Real World Learning. Speakers: Cassie Cramer, Oli de Botton

Breakout 4, session 1. Speakers: Belgin Okay-Somerville, Simon O’Leary, Heidi Ashton

Breakout 4, session 2. Speakers: Mark Addis, Stephen Sowa, Graham Attwell, Sophia Roppertz

Breakout 4, session 3. Speakers: Pauline Holbrook, Carmel McKeogh, Susie Rutkowski

Breakout 4, session 4. Speakers: Alison Whelan, Faye Jones, Dan Gourley, Sam Holmes, Aron Rouse

Breakout 4, session 5. Speakers: Niamh McGarry, Freya Jamieson-Smith, Leon Gidigbi

Panel Session 3 and Conference Close – Employer Engagement: International Perspectives. Speakers: Ann-Marie Bathmaker, Dr Anthony Mann, Sareena Hopkins, Dr Paul Comyn, Alice Barnard


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