Employer engagement in education has become a policy priority for governments, employers and schools across the world, driving a heavy demand for research into how it can best be delivered and what impacts it can be expected to have on young people and other stakeholders.

Through our research function, the Taskforce works to:

  • Improve the quantity, quality and relevance of research into employer engagement in education to inform policy and practice;
  • Fill gaps in understanding with high quality research;
  • To make relevant research findings as accessible as possible to teaching staff, employers and policy makers.

Our research team has published extensively on the subject of employer engagement. We also work with many UK and international scholars on collaborative research projects and to raise awareness of their studies. It is our role to bring together leading academics, analysts, policy makers and practitioners to share learning and work collaboratively to build the evidence base on what, if anything, happens when employers engage with schools to support pupil learning and progression ultimately into the world of work. The Taskforce also regularly hosts events by the OECD and other educational organisations to help build understanding of research findings.

Through these pages, you will be able to search an extensive and growing library of UK and international research resources addressing the impacts and delivery of employer engagement in education.

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