Our values

As a charity, we are committed to embodying our values in our work with schools, volunteers, employers and staff. We strive to be inspiring, inclusive, innovative and impactful, and to act with integrity in all that we do.


This value stands for what our charity is about, linking the world of work with education, to inspire children from all backgrounds to seek the very best future possible. We will encourage and support our energetic staff, empowering them to do a great job.


We will work collaboratively with employer, volunteer and education partners to champion equality, offering inclusive solutions that meet the diverse needs of all children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.


We will undertake and share our pioneering research, using our Innovative technology to offer creative solutions for the times. We will look to form new partnerships in the interests of children, do things differently and have a ‘can do’ attitude.


We will seek to ensure that everything we do makes a real difference on children’s lives. We will ensure we draw on the diversity and talents of all our staff to do this, encouraging and challenging each other to improve ourselves as colleagues and to deliver a better service.


We will work with integrity to achieve our aims. This final value underpins all our other values. In everything we do we will be respectful, open, and honest. We will operate with a strong ethical foundation and build trust with stakeholders and between colleagues.