Working internationally

Across the world, countries are looking to find ways to enable schools and colleges to work with employers as effectively, efficiently and equitably as possible in order provide young people with the best possible preparation for their working lives.

We support this in two ways; making our research accessible around the world and our programmes available to partners in different countries.

The challenges might vary from country to country – high youth unemployment, skills mismatch, poor social mobility or youth alienation – but the underlying issues are often strikingly similar. Stronger partnerships between the worlds of employment and education can form part of any solution to these challenges.


We have responded, in recent years, to requests to present research from over 35 countries and we run an international research conference that brings practitioners from around the world together. Click here for our research library and details of our conference.

Our unique research library includes details of publications on employer engagement in education from across the globe.

Partners and programmes

Our flagship volunteering platform, Inspiring the Future in the UK, has attracted considerable international interest, from areas as diverse as China and California, Australia and the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Spain, Kenya and closer to home the Isle of Man. Although the core Inspiring the Future platform is a UK-funded resource for activity in the UK, we see the relevance of our work internationally, as well as the benefits in participating in and learning from a global community of interest.

Inspiring the Future New Zealand

Inspiring the Future Ireland

Inspiring the Future Australia

Inspiring Women in China

Inspring the Future in Bangladesh

Primary Futures Uganda

Models of the Future , Switzerland